MEA-nl and Clean Shipping Index join forces

csi logo sMEA-nl will join the technical committee of the Clean Shipping Index (CSI), as was decided in the first week of November of 2016. The CSI is one of the worlds’ leading index systems for sustainable and environmentally sound shipping. The CSI enables cargo owners and producers of goods to choose the ‘greenest carrier’ for their products. An impressive and growing list of cargo and ship owners have joined the CSI the last decade. CSI regards MEA-nl’s long-standing experience in testing ballast water management systems as very valuable for further development of CSI’s standards in the field of preventing the spread of invasive species.  The entry into force of the Ballast Water Convention and the growing concern about bio fouling are moving maritime policy further. This triggers the need within CSI to redefine shipping operations that stretches further than existing regulations: designation of so called ‘above compliance behaviour’. Around 30 major cargo-owners have already joined the index and make use of the CSI database on a regular basis to choose the most sustainable and clean carrier for their products. CSI’s technical committee has members across the maritime industry, who can contribute to develop new parameters and inform the CSI network on the latest policy and technological developments.  MEA-nl is very pleased that it will be joining forces with the CSI to stimulate the forerunners in sustainable shipping. 

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