'Introductie film test faciliteit MEA-nl en onze rol bij de in werking treding van de Ballast Water Conventie (BWM)

Alles draait om water

Hoe effectief is een systeem voor ballastwater behandeling en management, bestrijding van hull fouling of filtratie van water in de praktijk? Als onafhankelijke onderzoeksfaciliteit test Marine Eco Analytics (MEA-nl) dergelijke systemen onder uiterst realistische omstandigheden. En zo leveren wij een significante bijdrage aan de bescherming van de essentiële biodiversiteit van ons water in het algemeen en meer specifiek voor drink-, afval- en ballastwater.

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25 mei 2018

Laboratory MEA-nl recieves ISO 17025 Certification

On May 25th, MEA-nl has been accredited according the ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory standard. We are very proud of this achievement, which can be considered as another milestone in our history. The standard enables MEA-nl to deepen its activities in the maritime…
24 mei 2018

Facility ‘MEA Innovator’ fit for new test season

MEA-nl’s test activities for ballast water Type Approval (TA) testing usually takes place from April to November. This is because of the natural variation of conditions in the three waters that MEA has in its nigh environment: the salty (or saline) North Sea,…
As BWC enters into force, focus will be on-board practice
09 sept 2017

As BWC enters into force, focus will be on-board practice

Decades ago when the first discussions started globally, the Ballast Water Convention (BWC) entered into force on 8th September 2017. The issue was initially discussed within the World Health Organization. Following the news that the Cholera Bacteria was…
BaWa Conference and Lloyd’s Register Seminars well attended
25 juni 2017

BaWa Conference and Lloyd’s Register Seminars well attended

The Ballast Water Conference that was organised on the 24th of April by Riviera in the Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam was attended by approximately 100 visitors. Several shipping companies participated, and MEA-nl had a role as co-sponsor as well as presenter.…
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25 juni 2017

On-board testing is a ‘key to the Ballast Water Convention’s success’

During both events, MEA-nl stressed the importance of the five year experience building phase. The real test of the efficacy of any BWTS will be on-board of ships. Such efficacy tests - based on IMO’s G2 Guidelines for Ballast Water Sampling - can be…