Research for effective filtration

Systems for water filtration must deliver adequate results under any given circumstance. This applies to drinking water, off shore operations and applications in the petro-chemical industry. MEA-nl carries out tests to designate the performance and effectiveness of filtration systems on both the short and longer term. These tests can take place on our test facility or at any given location world-wide.


Filtration of both sea and freshwater has proven to be difficult. This is because such waters have a considerable, (organic and non organic) sediment content as well as large concentrations of plankton. Occurring materials include solid (an)organic particles, but also more flexible solids that are known to stick easily, which can lead to the blocking and clogging of filters.

Purification of water can be done with a large variety of filter types. The appropriate filter type depends, for instance, on:

  • the kind of water;
  • the contamination rate;
  • the applied flow rate and
  • the overall objective of filtering.

To give a practical example: the appropriate filter method for freshwater is a very different one for industrial processes than for applications in drinking water. MEA-nl can perform specific tests per filter, or, simultaneously for different types, to compare the effectiveness.

Why MEA-nl?

  • We carry out research with naturally occurring fresh, marine and brackish water.
  • We have expertise in both the water technology, marine biology and the maritime field.  

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