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Advise about ballast water management, hull fouling and filtration

What is the most suitable ballast water management approach for your ships, fleet and sailing route? What is the best method to control hull fouling? The experts of Marine Eco Analytics (MEA-nl) can assist and advise you to choose the best technology. We test your chosen system(s) on-board so you are able to prove that your company complies with the applicable regulations and requirements.


The spread of invasive organisms by shipping is a growing problem area. Both in terms of policy makers’ concern and an increasing issue of public attention. In the forthcoming years, it is likely that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will obligate ships to meet the requirements, as stated in the Ballast Water Management Convention. Also, the spread of invasive species by ships’ hull fouling is rising and will most likely be regulated by new policy. This puts a major challenge on your company: which ballast water management system and anti-hull fouling technology suits your operations and fleet best?

The answers to these specific questions require a profound knowledge of marine biology, and, about the way the shipping sector operates. At MEA-nl, we can offer this knowledge and multi-expertise. This makes us a suitable and knowledgeable partner and advisor in the field of ballast water management, anti-hull fouling systems and water filtration.

How can we assist your company?

Advisory role

MEA-nl advises manufacturers, ship owners and operators and governments and coastal authorities on ballast water management, filtration and hull fouling. MEA-nl advises manufacturers, ship owners and governments about ballast water management, filtration and hull fouling. When doing so, we carefully analyse your demand and assist you in finding the best solution. We assist technology developers on both a system- as component level and we advise ship owners on choosing the most appropriate system, based on operation area and on-board circumstances.

Research & Development

MEA-nl is your partner in the R&D phase of your ballast water treatment method and management system. We do not just test your technology or system: as independent test facility we are able to support you in any necessary improvement of your system. Your manufactured or chosen system must have a proven performance under any given circumstance. We operate from our own unique test facility and our laboratory in the Netherlands. And, because of our wide-spread network of laboratories across Europe, we are able to ‘take on-board’ any R&D project you might have in the mentioned fields of expertise.

As scientific expertise centre, MEA-nl is an ideal partner to consult about the current state of technology and science in relation to ballast water management, filtration and hull fouling.

MEA-nl advises the Dutch ministry of Infrasture and Environment on IMO policy and is part of the MEPC Ballast Water Working Group and has contributed to its policy progress.

Verification tests

MEA-nl carries out verification tests on behalf of different national authorities to for type approval procedures on the basis of regulations like the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and the US Code of Federal Regulations. Thanks to our approach, we can carry out these land based verification tests under realistic and natural conditions with both marine, fresh and brackish water at our test facility.

We also carry out numerous shipboard verification tests around the world. When doing such tests, we are able to provide advise about the most optimal on-board test configuration and set-up. At these verification tests, we co-operate closely with a world-wide network of certified laboratories.

Performance monitoring

Currently, there is a gap of knowledge about the performance of ballast water treatment and management systems on the long term. To improve this specific field of expertise, MEA-nl tests performance of these systems for shipowners, producers of management and treatment technologies and developers. We are currently working on the realization of an independent (stand-alone) operating monitoring system.

Compliance control

On behalf of a number of national and port authorities, MEA-nl carries out measurements on water discharges, including ballast water. We advise these authorities about the content and application of enforcement standards.

Disputes and issues of compliance

As an independent organization with specialized expertise, we also assist ship owners by providing advise and re-appraisal (counterchecks) when problems and/or disputes occur. For example, we can advise ship owners how to prove compliance with the applicable regulations by proving appropriate performance of a given system.


Under certain conditions, exemptions of ballast water treatment can be obtained by a ship. In some cases, having a ballast water management system on board is not compulsory. To achieve this, MEA-nl can execute a thorough risk analysis and carry out and provide the required reporting procedures and documents.

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