Your partner in research on ballast water management, hull fouling and filtration

As a technology developer you need to know how your system will perform in practice. At Marine Eco Analytics (MEA-nl) we have created a highly innovative test facility: the MEA Innovator. At the MEA Innovator, we can test ballast water management systems or hull fouling control systems in a very realistic environment, under natural circumstances. Because we are located in close vicinity of both natural marine, brackish and fresh water, our test conditions represent any realistic situation that occurs during maritime operations.


The prevention of the spread of invasive species by ships is a high priority on the agenda of international policy making. Consequently, ship owners and ship yards are increasingly searching for effective methodologies that serve this cause. Besides applications for sea ships, water filtration is also a growing focus area in land based industries, like agriculture, glass and horticulture and the drinking water industry. As innovator of water filtration, you face the challenge to develop technologies that meet both policy and market demands.

MEA-nl has a broadly oriented, long-term expertise in the area of marine biology, chemistry, environmental science and maritime operational management

The ultimate test takes place in pratice

For an adequate assessment of the effectiveness of your technology, a thorough and independent test is necessary. A test that ensures both optimal performance of your system in practice, and compliance with the applicable regulations.

With our unique test facility we can provide:

  • A realistic test environment where we test with naturally occurring salt, brackish and freshwater, obtained from surrounding aquatic environments.
  • Independent and transparent test results that enable you to further refine and improve your water treatment system for ballast water, anti-hull fouling or other application.
  • A test procedure that offers certainty about the effectiveness of your system in practice.

How can we assist you further?

Advisory services

MEA-nl advises manufacturers developers, ship owners and governments about ballastwater management, filtration and hull fouling. When doing so, we carefully analyse your demand and subsequently assist in finding the best solution. Our activities include:

  • Act as a ‘partner-in-research’: assisting in technology development on both system- and component level.
  • Assessment and guidance of ballast water management systems BWMS) for ship owners: with the large variety of technologies available, finding a suitable BWMS approach is a major challenge for every ship owner. MEA-nl advises ship owners and operators in selecting the most appropriate system, based on the exact operational sea area and circumstances on board.
  • Support in monitoring and control: because of MEA-nl’s extensive multi-expertise and experience with BWMS, we are capable of advising governments in designing transparent and feasible procedures for monitoring and controlling the applicable global, national and local ballast water requirements.

Research & Development

MEA-nl is your partner in the overall R&D process connected to ballast water treatment and management. Besides testing such technologies in practice, we are continuously advising many organizations to improve these technologies and systems. When doing so, MEA-nl acts as an independent agency with a long term multi-expertise in many areas. Performance of ballast water management systems must be guaranteed at all times under all circumstances. We operate from our own unique research facility and location in the Netherlands, but we are able to perform many of our activities at any given location around the world.

Verification tests

MEA-nl carries out verification tests on behalf of different national authorities to for type approval procedures on the basis of regulations like the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and the US Code of Federal Regulations. Thanks to our approach, we can carry out these land based verification tests under realistic and natural conditions with both salt, fresh and brackish water at our test facility.

We also carry out numerous shipboard verification tests around the world. When doing such tests, we are able to advise in selecting the most optimal on-board test configuration and set-up. When doing these verification tests, we co-operate closely with a world-wide network of certified laboratories.

Performance monitoring

Currently, there is a gap of knowledge about the performance of ballast water management systems on the long term and under different circumstances. To improve this specific field of expertise, MEA-nl tests performance of these systems for shipowners, producers of management and treatment technologies and developers. We are currently working on the realization of an independent (stand-alone) operating monitoring system.

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