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A profound approach to research

MEA is fully equipped to test ballast water and water filtering systems, with all relevant types of water.


A unique test facility: our MEA Innovator test vessel

Thanks to the unique location of our research facilities, MEA-nl can perform tests with all three relevant types of water: marine, brackish and fresh

At MEA-nl we test ballast water management systems with all types of water. If necessary, we can do this in the course of one day. We can offer this service because our facility is situated in close vicinity of three different natural water environments:

  • the North Sea (with predominantly marine conditions);
  • Wadden Sea (mostly brackish water);
  • the Lake IJssel (IJsselmeer: mostly fresh water).

Most of our operations take place on our specially rebuilt inland ship: the MEA Innovator. The MEA Innovator offers the opportunity to test water under very realistic conditions and circumstances.

Our location: surrounded by all types of relevant water

At Den Oever, in the northern part of the Province of Noord-Holland we are able to carry out test with all three relevant types of water: marine, brackish and fresh. The Wadden Sea offers the main habitat for the majority of the juvenile species that further grow up and live in the North Sea. Consequently, the Wadden Sea is often called ‘The Delivery Room’ of the North Sea. Because of its enormous ecological importance, the Wadden Sea has been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The adjacent Wadden Sea area offers brackish as well as salt water conditions. The fresh water lake the Lake IJssel (IJsselmeer) is situated within half an hour sailing distance of the MEA Innovator.


Ballast water management test installations can be lifted (hoisted) on board the MEA Innovator easily in 20 ft containers. All the necessary equipment (cranes etc.) are available and can be provided at our location. The MEA Innovator is equipped with a separate, self-supporting power supply. The pump capacity of 600 m3 per hour can be adjusted easily to specific needs and can be adapted to variable turning speeds. On board, there are various sample locations for automatic logging of the required sample data.
The technical support team of MEA-nl is available to serve your companies’ demands. In close vicinity of Den Oever there are enough affordable and proper locations to accommodate your personnel, for a short as well as for an extended stay.
Our company and the MEA Innovator can be reached within an hour driving distance from Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport.

Our Laboratory

MEA-nl in Den Oever ownes a specialised marine biology lab. Here, our marine biologists are continuously working on the improvement of analytical and detection technologies. In the laboratory, but also on board of vessels around the world. Besides this, a comprehensive number of accredited labs in the Netherlands – and worldwide – is at our disposal, where chemical and bacteriological analyses can be carried out.

ISO 9001

MEA-nl is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the execution of verification tests on ballast water management systems.

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